The Best 3 Scary Occult And Psychic Experience Stories

The Best 3 Scary Occult And Psychic Experience Stories

A True Haunted House Story

In this article you can read The Best 3 Scary Occult And Psychic Experience Stories. Let’s start  with a true haunted house story… We were hunting a house for the winter and among others visited, was an old-fashioned one having a long hall on the second floor, running back to a room and a flight of stairs down to the kitchen.

I left my husband in the front of the house and went down that hall and, as I gazed into that room, I stood spell-bound. I was aware I was not seeing what I saw in the usual way but I saw very clearly, a table by the window and by it stood a lady in white—a man had her by the throat, choking her life out. Then I felt him pass out of the room, go by me and down the stairs. That broke the spell and I “came to.”

The Best 3 Scary Occult And Psychic Experience Stories
The Best 3 Scary Occult And Psychic Experience Stories

I have always regretted I did not verify this by police records, but nevertheless, I am perfectly sure a murder was committed in that house so I would not live in it.

Old Lady Died In the Adjoining Room

When my husband was very sick, we went for a while to Asheville, North Caro­lina, where I met a lady from New Hamp­shire who was here for her health. This lady, later went on as we did to Orlando, Florida. In order to help herself she rented a pretty cottage and took roomers. My husband, self and two children stayed with her. A cool snap came to Florida and I asked for more bed clothes and was told to go across the hall and get a pretty new eiderdown quilt. She asked me to get it late at night and return it early the next morning so the children would not injure it. Only a few nights passed before I felt conscious of a presence, it seemed to me to be an old man humped up over the fireplace.

One night I felt that I was to see or hear something and subconsciously fled from the room in fright. When I mentioned this to my friend, she had me enter with her saying she felt nothing—neither did I. As she had acquaintances who knew the hiring of the house, she learned that an old lady sat where I felt was someone. She had died in the ad­joining room but spent the last year of her life sitting where I had felt her presence.

A True Ghost Story

True Occult And Psychic Experience Stories
True Occult And Psychic Experience Stories

I HAVE been a student of Occultism for many years and it pleases me to relate for the benefit of others an experience in my own life that has proven to me, beyond a doubt, that our loved ones in the Spirit world can and do come to us in our hour of need even though at the time our eyes remain holden and they come and go un­seen. It’s a common occurrence we all know for those here on earth, in times of peril or great distress to be able to tune in with their loved ones regardless of dis­tance so why should it be such a difficult feat to do the same with those who have reached the higher realms? Mind has no boundary and the Infinite holds no element of separation.

It Happened In 1918  When I Was Far From My Home

It happened in the year 1918 when I was far from my home and friends that the little world I thought was mine, tottered and fell before my eyes and my dreams lay shattered. Two years previous I lost my father who had been my ideal counselor and companion. Therefore naturally at such a time my soul cried out to him for help and con­solation. I was beside myself with grief and loneliness and with it all, a lack of worldly experience with which to cope with the situation.

Life for me had suddenly lost its charms leaving me with but one desire to end it all. With this thought haunting me continually, I returned to my apartment one evening. I was in a desperate frame of mind threw myself across my bed and bringing the pillows and covers up over my head so no one could hear me. I gave vent to my pent up emotions by screaming and sobbing. Then I called to my father to come and get me and also for God to let me die.

A Thought Like An Evil Suggestion

Suddenly a thought, like an evil suggestion, came to me reminding me of a small bottle in my medicine chest labeled “poison” that I had forgotten was there. In my haste to reach it, I threw the covers from my head and sat up and there at the foot of my bed, stood my father looking at me his face filled with love and compassion.

I couldn’t move, I couldn ‘t speak. I could only stare amazed his face was so beautiful. He seemed to glow softly from within much like a lighted candle through a frosted globe and then he spoke to me saying, “Do yourself no harm, daughter, your troubles will soon be over.” I slid to the siele of the bed, my feelings racing through me, not of fear as it seemed the most natural thing in the world that he should be there talking to me, an answer to my call.

“You have come to take me with you?” I asked eagerly.

He shook his head, “No, I have come to help you. You will hear from your at torney in the morning. Do exactly as he bids you and as soon as possible return to your mother. She needs you.”

Ghost Of My Father

That was all, he was gone. Calling to him, I ran around to the foot of the bed where he had been standing and a peculia sweet warmth swam up through my whole being. Returning to my bed, I laid down and tliat was the last I remembered until I was awakened in the morning by the ringing of my telephone. lt was my at torney asking me to come to the office at once, which of course I did with the result my affairs, that had been dragging along, were speedily and satisfactorily adjusted so I was soon able to leave for my old home.

Many times during the years that have followed, my father has come to me but not in a materialized form as he did that first night but as a brilliant, scintillating, white light glittering intensely at the center.

Sometimes, in the deepening twilight, when seated at my piano playing some of the old tunes he loved so weil, I will hear the golden song of a bird or a perfume, sweeter than the dew on a rare leaf, will
envelope me and then the glorious winged light I know is my father appears, lingers a moment and then passes on. lt is enough, it is the assurance of a guarding love that beats far stronger than any earthly love. When with bated breath it comes my time to cross the whirling river of Acheron, I’ll have no fear as I know he’ll be waiting with open arms to carry me across .

A True Occult Event

Occult And Psychic Experiences
Occult And Psychic Experiences

The Happening I am about to relate is true as I have been a deep, sincere student of the Occult. I can, in a way, see why I saw this unusual picture but for two uninterested persons of my household to also see and recognize the person, is beyond my understanding.

lt was Sunday evening, March 22, 1981. We had had dinner together, myself and my very dearest friend. We were in my home and both of us were very happy as later this year we intended to become man and wife. This evening we had our conversation along lines of our future and our happiness. We finished our dinner about 6 :30 and later we visited another home, spending several hours in a pleasant visit. Before leaving this place I became very ill. I suffered great pain but felt better a short time later, then we returned to my home.

Pain And Illness Returned

The evening was yet young . My friend left for his hotel and I was feeling better at a later hour . I phoned him, telling him my illness had
passed and that I was ready to retire. I went to my room on the second floor and was just getting into bed when the pain and illness returned with such force that I called my son. A few minutes later a young man roomer in my house heard us talking and rapped at the door to inquire
as to my illness. I told him I wanted some medicine to relieve my suffering. Then he went down to start his car to go to the nearest drug store. Also my son had gone down stairs to heat some water. My room was dark with the exception of the street lights gleaming through the half drawn shades

I was alone in the room, my back toward the south wall and dimly I sensed a presence on the north side of the room. I turned over and there before my eyes, as real as life stood my friend, he wore no hat but was dressed as he bad been in the evening. I was startled to see him so
close when I knew that by this hour he was fast asleep in his room on the other side of the city.

I could not speak. As I watched him he slowly turned and faced me and advanced closer toward my bedside. Just at that moment my son came up the stairs and turned into the room. Then he saw my friend there and turned away and went down stairs again. Following this the young man roomer came to my door and started in. Seeing my friend there he too, went into his own room. I was alone but my friend still remained.

Was Not Mr. Blank Here ?

Four or five minutes passed and then the form of my loved one began to move toward the front windows. Then he moved out through the
open space and vanished into the night. I called to my son, my voice was weak but my body free from pain. I had fully recovered from a seeming start of a serious illness.

My son came into the room and I said: “Why did you come to the bedroom a while ago and not come in?” He said: ” I saw you had a visitor and I would not intrude.” I said: “There was no one here.” Then he said:, “Was not Mr. Blank here ?” and I said: “You know he could not have been here as you saw him leave the house several hours ago.” He said: “Yes, I know that but I saw him here.”

I then called my roomer and asked him why he did not come back to my room after he went down to his car. (Which he could not start.) He replied: “I did start in to see how you were but I saw you had a caller. It was the same man whose picture hangs in your living room.” Again
I said: “No, he was not here, it was only a vision.” The young man looked at me in amazement and said: “Well, I saw Mr. Blank. Surely it was Blank.”

Very Strange Occult Event

After explaining to him that my friend was fast asleep in his hotel room at the time he materialized to me be said: “Well, I have seen a vision
more real than I ever expect to see again.” Telling this happening to my friend the following evening he said he could not explain it. Other than that he was very much worried about me even after I had phoned. He was fearful that I was yet extremely ill. He dropped asleep with this worry. I can not begin to figure out this very strange Occult event but I know I did not imagine it. It was real because two other persons not interested in the Occult, saw the same thing. lt couldn’t have been their Psychic sense but perhaps came through my Occult development.

My friend is not a Psychic and does not study or believe anything in Occult things. The thought came to me as I began to write this true to life account-was it through force gathered by power from the other world, put together into a materialized form to bring to me the spirit body of my friend that moment as be slept, separated from the earth body. In a spiritual sense my friend was in the room. He told me this that he had not felt so strong in years as he did the day following the night this strange occurrence took place.

Door Of The Other World

Truly it was the strangest experience I have ever known, yet the impression lingers with me. lt was beautiful; it was perhaps another proof of the power of the unseen manifested in the earth plane. My prayer is that the door of the other world be opened wide for all as the days and weeks roll on, giving us more manifestations and more power for proof.

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