Real Scary Witch Stories in History – How Did The Ouija Board Originate

Real Scary Witch Stories in History – How Did The Ouija Board Originate

Real Scary Witch Stories in History – How Did The Ouija Board Originate titled article is about witches in history. In the article you can find information about Belief in Witchcraft, Witch Of Pungo Grace Sherwood, How Did The Ouija Board ( Spirit Board ) Originate ? etc… Let me begin to tell you the story of witches

There are still witches in New Jersey. Legally, they still exist in the state that lies across the Hud­son River from New York. One can still be jailed for being a witch and for practicing witchcraft in the flourish­ingly modern cities of Newark, Trenton (where Woodrow Wilson was once governor), and the other great indus­trial communities of the state.

Some years ago a woman who claimed to be a female preacher was arrested in Newark, charged with being a witch within the meaning of the statute. At that time it was said that the police of the city were conducting a private war of  their own, directed at witches, with awiz­ard squad specially detailed for the job.

All this seems preposterous, but it is all true. The woman minister who was arrested on the charge (no good would be served by mentioning her name here) was the head of a ghost cult, as the papers called it, and she was ac­cused of communing with evil spirits.

Belief in Witchcraft is Older Than The Bible

Michael Long, who was at that time Chief of Police in Newark, was quoted as saying about the case:

Real Scary Witch Stories in History - Belief in Witchcraft
Real Scary Witch Stories in History – Belief in Witchcraft

“This woman is a witch within the meaning of the statute. The informa­tion that she gives out at her ‘circles,’ breaks up homes. One man complained to us that his wife had become a raving maniac, as a result of the things she told her. Newark has made up its mind to get rid of witchcraft.”

All this was a number of years ago, and yet, so far as can be learned, the law still prevails. Moreover, such laws persist today in many states, although the voters do not dream they are still in force.

Of course the belief in witchcraft is older than the Bible. Its practice is gravely condemned in the Mosaic scrip­tures, and it was by the authority of such condemnations that many old women were burned in New England. There were sorcerers and sooth-sayers in the days of ancient Babylon and Egypt. In the famous code of Ham­murabi, who lived 2,000 years B. C., and who was a contemporary of Abra­ham, appears this law:

“If a man has laid a charge of witch­craft upon a man, and has not justified it, he upon whom the witchcraft is laid shaffplunge into the Holy river, and if the Holy river overcome him, he who accused him shall take himself to his house.”

Witch Of Pungo Grace Sherwood

Witch Of Pungo Grace Sherwood - Real Scary Witch Stories in History
Witch Of Pungo Grace Sherwood – Real Scary Witch Stories in History

Apparently the earliest record of a witch being burned to death is in the year 1275, the witch confessing that she fed her offspring the flesh of babes. At Toulouse, in 1335, sixty-three per­sons were accused of being witches. Eight of them were burned to death and the others were imprisoned for life.

One of the most famous trials in the United States was that of Grace Sher­wood, of Princess Anne County, Vir­ginia. There are many Scary Witch Stories related with her. Grace Sherwood is also known as witch of Pungo who, in July, 1706, was “put into water above man’s depth, to try how she swims.”

According to Connecticut laws, adopted in 1642, but so far as is known, never repealed, “anyone that be a witch, or consulteth with familiar spirits, shall be put to death.”

Good Luck By The Rope With Which A Criminal is Hanged.

One of the most serious problems to­day in the Philippines is the native be­lief in witchcraft. One of the most persistent beliefs in the rural portions of the United States is that good luck attends anyone who possesses a piece of the rope with which a criminal is hanged. After hangings in Maryland there is always a division of the rope. One Baltimore druggist exhibited in a showcase, dozens of pieces of rope about the length of a man’s finger, and attached to each was a tag bearing the name of the felon whose neck was broken by the rope.

One of the great occult waves of the  present century was that of the ouija board. During the war it leaped into amazing popularity; the fame of Patience Worth and other psychic celeb­rities was achieved on its shining sur­face, with the black letters and numbers and the little moving table.

How Did The Ouija Board ( Spirit Board ) Originate?

How Did The Ouija Board Originate Spirit Board - Scary Witch Stories
How Did The Ouija Board Originate Spirit Board – Scary Witch Stories

Ouija Board ‘s, also known as Spirit Board, history is most undistinguished. Its inventor was a Baltimore manufac­turer, a man who sold billiard tables, and who was looking for an addition to the line. He put out the ouija board as a hazard, regarding it purely as a game. Its just as today in the novelty and toy shops you will find many other fortune telling games that have no con­ceivable importance in the minds of serious people. But the ouija board surprised William Fuld, the man who patented it. Over night it became a blazing, meteoric success. He had to turn his billiard table factories into ouija board factories. He even licensed other manufacturers to produce the boards under his patents.

President Wilson had one in his home and it was said even to have predicted his first election. Sir William Barrett conducted grave experiments with it. Science and religion examined it, de­bated it, praised it with hosannahs or denounced it with anathemas, as be­came them. Scarcely anyone ignored it.

Meanwhile Mr. Fuld continued, un­expectedly, to get rich on his ouija board. To this day he doesn’t understand it.

Doctor Eugene Osty And The Strange Story of Mme. S.

An amazing case of psychic power  has just come to light through the reports of the celebrated Doctor Osty ( Eugéne Osty ), one of the most famous of all the scientific investigators of such phe­nomena. This case involves the recovery of lost property, and here are the facts. Considerably abbreviated, as reported by Doctor Eugene Osty:

Doctor Eugene Osty - Real Scary Witch Stories in History
Doctor Eugene Osty – Real Scary Witch Stories in History

“In May, 1921, Mme. S. went from Paris to Versailles for the day, to visit friends. She was wearing a valuable diamond star and on returning home, missed the jewel. “No trace could be found. She was taken to see Mme. Morel, who held one of her gloves. Mme. S. sitting in a corner of the room while her friend spoke to the clairvoyant.

Mme. Morel, who works in a light state of hypnosis, asked, “What am I about to see about this woman?” She was told, “Look for something that is troubling her at this moment.” She said. “She is distracted about the loss of something . . . a large jewel, shining and valuable. It is not lost, it is hidden.

“I follow this lady as she leaves her home in an auto­mobile with another person … she goes to a town near here. . . . I do not know its name . . . she visits three houses . . . the jewel has fallen near one of them. . . . I see it picked up by a woman, young, very stout, with light eyes and hair. The jewel has been locked up; she thought of keeping it but is afraid. She will restore it before the week is out. No police measures should be taken . . . she will give it back.”

President Calles will send troops over the border and invade American soil

“Mr. S. who had informed the Mayor of  S. received a letter four days later, summoning him to that town, and the jewel was restored by a workman whose sister had picked it up. The man was stout and very fair in coloring. Mr. S. did not see the sister, whom he supposed to resemble her brother.”

In passing, it should also be remarked that this is one of many hundreds of such cases assembled with painstaking and discerning care by Doctor Eugene Osty.

A certain celebrated medium has  written the editor of this department making two startling predictions. One of them is so grave in its char­acter that we are withholding it, for reasons of public policy. If by any sad chance it should be fulfilled, we shall refer to this item and then publish her prediction.

However, she also makes another prophecy which we feel under no obli­gation to withhold. “President Calles will send troops over the border and invade American soil,” she says in her letter.

Now note this important point: Many mediums make vague prophe­cies which can mean almost anything. These are called Delphic. But this woman has left herself no avenue of escape. She has made two definite pre­dictions. We are making a public rec­ord of them here, in case we should have cause to refer to them again…

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