Scary Bedtime Stories For Adults – Schizophrene At the Hospital

Scary Bedtime Stories For Adults – Schizophrene At the Hospital

Scary Bedtime Stories For Adults – Schizophrene At the Hospital named story is about a woman Who is schizophrene. All she wants is to be loved by an imaginary character. Let’s start the story.

Whenever know, here in the psychopathic ward,how much of a patient’s raving is truth and how much is caused by the twist of mind that makes him a patient. But the outpourings from the soul of Genevra Fleming—crystal gazer, hypnotist and alleged medium have a ring of truth that chills the heart. She still is bal­anced enough to withhold names and avoid definite incrimination of herself, but I imagine the events she describes, involving the vague He and She of whom she speaks, actually took place. At least She is so convinced of the truth of them that her belief has landed her here for mental examination, and the re­sult is that she will be pronounced insane.

She is still a beautiful woman; unusually brunette, with hair, eyes and eyebrows, of a startling black­ness. From her, when she is not in one of her violent spells, comes an atmosphere of dark strength and quiet. A beautiful woman, but one with whom a man would hesitate to involve himself!

Scary Crime Plan

Her story, ramblingly told and retold, begins with an afternoon when she at in the dusk of her studio and held a man’s framed photograph covetously in her hands. The setting she describes is one of darkness. The studio, draped with black silk and dim with stained glass which she used to impress her clients, was even darker in the late dusk than the failing daylight should have made it. And in that dark place sat its dark mistress, studying patiently over a scheme that should result in a woman’s death.

Scary Bedtime Stories For Adults - Schizophrene At the Hospital
Scary Bedtime Stories For Adults – Schizophrene At the Hospital

Again and again she reviewed the scheme to see if there were flaws or weak spots in it. “And I could find none.” she says always at this point. “It was perfect. As perfect as human plans can be made, anyway. I knew it would succeed.” So she sat motionless in the big dark room, exulting at the thought of victory. “By this time tomorrow,” she whispered to the man’s photograph. “You will have lost her, and you will begin to turn to me.”

“I really believed this,” she says. “I was sure of it. They had loved each other since childhood. This man I wanted for mine and the girl he was going to marry. It was the kind of love that is written and sung about, the kind that seems imperishable. But I know men, and I knew that the one sure way was to put her out of his mind permanently. Then, when she was gone out of life and memory, he would turn to me. For you can see I am beautiful….”

Schizophrene Woman Is Talking With A Stranger

Her scheme, then, was formed and ready to put in motion. She act the picture back on a table and picked up her tele­phone.

– “Hello” she called guardedly, as her number was given. “Yes?” The answering voice, a man’s, was oily and with­out expression.
-“Is this Bennet, the butler?’
-“Yes, madam.”
-“You know my voice, don’t you? You remember me? A few days ago I told you I might give you an easy way to earn a hundred dollars. Do you still want it?’
-“Oh, yes!” A hard eagerness in the voice.
-“Is any one near you?’
“No, madam. I am alone in the room and the other connection is out of order.”
-“All right. I’ll tell you exactly how you are to earn the money: Tomorrow afternoon at about one thirty she will phone you. She will ask about a certain man. You know him, Rennet. When she does, you are to repeat to her what I am going to tell you now. Get a pencil and paper so you won’t forget.”

A pause. Then a cautious sentence or two, almost whispered into the phone. But all of these are real for only her. Because all she did was speaking by herself and the guy she imagined is the dark side of her soul. Still she is speaking alone in her room at hospital when the night comes and the lights turns off

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