Out Of Body Experience Stories – Astral Projection To Visit Someone

Out Of Body Experience Stories – Astral Projection To Visit Someone

Out Of Body Experience Stories – Astral Projection To Visit Someone named article is about a man who experienced an astral travel in his dream. Let me tell you the weird story.

Here is the true astral story of the weirdest occurrence that has ever come to my attention. Will Davis, the prin­cipal character in this drama from real life, is a man of subnormal in­telligence. His readiness to respond to any form of suggestion is very unusual.

In his earlier years he was employed as a “subject” by experimenters in hypnotism, but this means of livelihood was abandoned after an almost fatal experience with a group of Harvard students. These students put Davis in a trance and later were unable to awaken him. His life was saved by a well-known magician and hypnotist.

Subsequently he earned a livelihood by performing odd jobs in the town of Roxbury, Massachusetts. He also be­gan to attend spiritualistic circles, and it was not long till he was practicing as a medium. It would hardly be correct to say that Davis was a professional. What sittings he gave were only an addition to his odd-jobs program. Erratic and irresponsible, with such an extremely limited vocabulary that he rarely made use of a sentence consisting of more than a half dozen words. His appearance, not too prepossessing at best, and rendered almost uncouth by misfit clothing and neglect he was not the debonair sort of character who usually wins attention as a “psychic marvel.”

Out Of Body Experience Stories - Astral Projection To Visit Someone
Out Of Body Experience Stories – Astral Projection To Visit Someone

Astral Travel And Dreams Of Davis

So Davis continued to eat at more or less irregular inter­vals, to sleep in whatever poor lodgings his income afforded. Also continued to work at whatever unskilled tasks fell into his hands.

His proneness to respond all too readily to every sug­gestion proved a serious handicap to him. This handicap  is imperiling his own life, as well as the lives of others.

One day a charitably disposed woman employed him to assist her in moving. The household effects were being carried downstairs to the sidewalk when someone remarked, “The stove ought to go next.” Quickly responsive, as usual, Davis laid hold of the heavy cook-stove and started down­stairs with it in his arms. Half-way down the flight, he made a misstep, and landed at the bottom of the stairs with the stove on top of hint.

It was while Davis was still confined to his bed as the re­sult of the injuries he received, that I visited him, and on that occasion he told me of the strange part he had played in the mysterious affair of the black pocketbook.

Astral Travel And Dreams Of Davis - Out Of Body Experience Stories
Astral Travel And Dreams Of Davis – Out Of Body Experience Stories

Davis Was Routed Out Of Bed By A Ghost

I shall not attempt to give the narrative in the words of Davis. It required a lot of patient effort on my part to get the story, owing to the poverty of Davis’ vocabulary; moreover, it required subsequent investigation to confirm its truth, although I never doubted the honesty of Davis—going upon the assumption that such characters are seldom found to be wilfully untruthful. In regard to the explana­tion of the weird incident, the reader is free to make his own decision ; but there is no doubt that Davis himself fully believes that a ghost routed him out of bed and sent upon an unknown errand.

According to his story, something waked him up very early one December morning. He heard an uncanny “voice” telling him to get up at once and go to Quincy. Davis’ lodging was in Rox­bury, a distance of several miles from Quincy, and as he had not even the price of car-fare, his only means of getting to the latter place was to walk.

Out Of Body Experience Of Davis

He said it must have been about four o’clock when the “voice” called to him. Furthermore, it was bitterly cold. But he hustled into his clothes and started out on his early hike. By the time he arrived in Quincy, it was getting quite light. A few people were already upon the street. Up from a basement coffee parlor came tantalizing aroma of food, but Davis had no money. Moreover, he did not know for what purpose he was in Quincy.

Then, according to his story, the “voice” spoke to him again. This time voice told him to go to a certain address. Davis got his bearings front a pedestrian and made his way to the house bearing the indicated number. It was a small house with a yard in front. He went up to the door and rang the bell. He rang several times. However, he didn’t know what he was going to say or do.

At length a woman came to the door, a baby in her arms and another small child clinging to her skirts. “Good morning, madam,” said Davis  “I was sent here.” But the woman interrupted him with a flood of tears and protest. The purport of which eventually conveyed to his slow mind the fact that she believed him to be the landlord’s col­lector looking for his rent.

Your Husband Sent Me, Madam!

Finally the woman paused in her tearful tirade. Davis spoke again. “Your husband sent me, madam.” Well, I interrupted at this point in the narrative. “How did you know it was her husband?”

“I heard the voice again.” he replied. “And it told me. It says for me to go in. Then I started to go in the house, but the woman tried to keep me out and said: “You’re a liar. My husband has been dead for a month. Maybe you’re a thief,”

Disregarding the protests of the woman, however, Davis crowded past her into the house. Up the stairs he went, and into a small, disordered room, the woman followed him.

At length lie opened the door of a small closet “You keep out of there” cried the woman. “Everything in there belonged to my dead husband.” But whatever sug­gestion was dominating the mind of Davis was superior to the woman’s command.

“The voice kept telling me what to do,” he said. He rummaged about the dark, stuffy place. At one end of the closet were several pairs of worn shoes. Davis pulled them away, and felt the floor. One of its boards yielded readily to his touch. Lifting the board, he drew out a fat wallet from its hiding place, and handed it to the woman.

Did Davis Pick Up Some Telepathic Thought-Waves

“Your husband says to give this to you,” he said. “Good morning, madam.” And then, because he had no money to pay his fare, Will Davis trudged back to Roxbury. My subsequent inquiry developed the fact that the woman was the widow of John Lorrance, who had been killed at his work about a month previous. She had had little money on hand. As Lorrance carried no insurance, at the end of a month the family was reduced to desper­ate straits. She fully confirms the story given above.

Mrs. Lorrance declared that she had never seen Davis until the morning he called upon his strange errand and handed her the wallet, which contained over $300.00.

Did John Lorrance actually return to aid his suffering family? Was it really his spirit that gave the suggestion to the plastic brain of Will Davis, as the latter lay asleep in Roxbury? Or did Davis merely “pick up” some telepathic thought-waves, the wandering remnant of Lorrance’s mental agony during his last moments of life? The reader must be the judge. Out Of Body Experience Stories are hard to believe…

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