Short Horror Stories For Teenagers – Queen Josephine Ghost Story

Short Horror Stories For Teenagers 

Short horror stories for teenagers – Queen Josephine Ghost Story titled article is an old short scary story about ghosts. In this story you will read strange things. So if you are not afraid of real ghost stories, welcome…

Dead Queen Empress Josephine Ghost Story

Mrs. Roma Lister, leader in the British colony at Rome, is authority for the following strange story. Mrs. Roma Lister say that the story was told her by Prince Henry of Prussia who was staying at the Swedish court after the death of Queen Josephine.

The body of the Queen was lying in state in a chapel reached by a long corridor from an antechamber. In the antechamber sat one of the king’s aides. Suddenly the aide beard footsteps in the corridor. Looking up, he saw a woman dressed in black with a long veil. He recognized her as a lady in waiting and a dear friend of the Queen. The lady passed swiftly into the chapel.

Some time passed and when the woman did not reappear, the aide grew nervous. He approached the door of the chamber, and pushed it open.

Short Horror Stories For Teenagers
Short Horror Stories For Teenagers

Josephine De Beauharnais Ghost Story 

Four great candles burned steadily. By their light he saw the body of the dead Queen sitting up in her coffin in her royal robes. By her side knelt the lady, her friend, and they conversed. The candles shone on the closed eyes and the cadaverous face of the Queen and showed her lips moving as she answered the questions of her devoted friend.

The aide staggered back, struck with terror, and fled from the room. But,nerving himself, he returned to investigate further, just as the dock struck twelve. When he entered the room, no one was there and the body of the Queen lay peacefully in its coffin.

Overcome with fright, the aide summoned help and ran to tell the King. There upon the King showed him a message he had just received, announcing the death of the lady in waiting, whose ghost had entered the Queen’s death chamber.

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