Wizard Clip Story – Adam Livingston Ghost Story

Wizard Clip Story – Adam Livingston Ghost Story

Wizard Clip Story – Adam Livingston Ghost Story is a poltergeist story about a haunted house in West Virginia. Livingston Ghost Story is the story of Adam Livingston. For Baltimore Catholic Review, the truest ghost story ever told is Livingston wizard clip story. Before we start lets talk about the argument: ” Do Ghost Really Exist ?”

Some people believe that “Any but human beings of flesh and blood exist on this globe. There is no such thing as a haunt and certainly no such thing as vengeance after death. This is a material world” But is it true ?

Attend the poltergeist story of the Livingston Wizard Clip Story (in West Virginia). Long years ago, history states, in a little town in Jefferson County, West Virginia, a man lay dying. He was in the cabin of a neighbor, Adam Livingston. Death seemed inevitable, and Livingston did all in his power to relieve the physical suffering of his guest.

Came the dying man’s request that Livingston get a spiritual adviser, a clergyman. Livingston refused. The guest died, and from the time of that death, through many years that followed, a series of portentous events colored the life of Adam Livingston that only ended when he, himself in terror and a nervous wreck sought the aid of a recognized minister of the gospel and received what amounted to divine amelioration.

They said that shortly after the stranger’s death, horses circled around the Livingston house. Dishes pitched from their shelves and were broken; pieces of coal sprang from the fire; a barn burned down;  there were many chickens’ heads, but who cut these heads and why? there is no physical, human explanation.

The Livingston Wizard – Adam Livingston Ghost

Next came sounds of the grinding of shears as they clipped. Suits of clothes, hair from women’s heads, shoes, curtains all were clipped to shreds. This gave rise to the Wizard Clip Story as the name of the Livingston ghost.

Rumor declares that a woman, a skeptic, going to visit the Livingstons, had in the pocket of her dress a silk cap. She scoffed at the Livingston haunt and when her cap was removed from her pocket, the cap was in shreds, plainly having been clipped. But no one ever saw the shears or the wielder of the cutting blades.

Livingston Wizard Clip Story - The Truest Ghost Story Ever Told
Livingston Wizard Clip Story – The Truest Ghost Story Ever Told

Do Ghost Really Exist ?

You never saw a ghost, you never touched a ghost, perhaps you never heard a ghost. But how can you say that they don’t exist? Beware lest your clothes fall away in shreds, lest the haunt of horses tramping hoofs wreck your peace.

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